Nankang NA-1 195/60/14

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NANKANGNankang NA-1 195/60/14Nankang NA-1 195/60/14

Nankang NA-1

Light-weight profile and narrow tread width design reduce rolling resistance.
The enlarged third section of tread radius lessen contact pressure of tread shoulder, and further reduce the noise generated from the lateral grooves on tread shoulder.
NA-1 adopts uniquely asymmetric pattern design. The inside pattern stresses on drainage performance. Larger void ratio improves drainage performance on wet roads.
The outside pattern emphasizes on maneuverability, The larger pattern blocks on tread shoulder offers better cornering handling.
Noise prevention bar on the lateral grooves of outside tread shoulder block airflow in the grooves to reduce the derived noise.
Chamfered groove wall design scarifies the water film for getting better wet grip.

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