Nankang AS2+ RUNFLAT 245/45/18

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NANKANGNankang AS2+ RUNFLAT 245/45/18Nankang AS2+ RUNFLAT 245/45/18

Compared with conventional tire, the RRF compound is added inside the Run-Flat series, with bending resistance and low heat up characteristics, the Run-Flat tire can be driven stably at zero pressure.
The Filler compound is specially developed for the Run-Flat tire with low heat up characteristic to improve driving comfort ability.
The Run-Flat series adopt Rayon material instead of Polyester, it can maintain strength stably at high temperature situation .
Zero Pressure Mobility System (ZPMS) is NANKANG’s trademark for Run-Flat tire.
For compliance with ECE R30 regulation, the Run-Flat series can be added the alphabet “F” at the tire size definition and snail logo.  

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