Nankang AS-1 275/40/18

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NANKANGNankang AS-1 275/40/18Nankang AS-1 275/40/18

Nankang AS-1

In order to get the better drainage efficiency, two straight broad grooves are applied on the outside. To enhance the safety on the wet ground, the stream in the middle groove is used to accumulate the water with the assistance of fine sipe bar to divert the eater for safer drive.
To increase cornering force on the outside, the shoulder high rigidity pattern to strengthen cornering force and enhance the steering ability.
Unique straight grooves on the shoulder make the whole tread more rigid and prevent it from irregular wear.
The evenly thin sipes reduce the road impact and enhance the comfort when driving.
In order to get the best silent features, the tread pattern is using two-in-one and multi-pitch design.

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